Keytree & SAP to host a webinar on succeeding in a challenging retail environment

Some retailers are failing while others continue to drive growth. What is the difference between a thriving retail business and those that are being left behind. In the modern and often challenging retail environment, great customer experience is fundamental to differentiating your brand, cultivating customer loyalty and driving sales. As the customer’s expectations of a seamless sales journey and experience become ever more demanding retailers must constantly innovate, be creative and agile.

  • Hear an in-depth discussion on the challenges facing retailers in creating the very best customer experience online and in-store.
  • Explore how retailers can quickly adapt and thrive in one of the most challenging eras for high street retailers across the world.
  • Learn how leading brands are meeting these challenges and using them as an opportunity to be innovative and creative to drive sales.

These retail technology experts will discuss how advances in technology, available today, allow organisations to:

  • Engage with customers across all channels with a harmonised approach.
  • Capture, analyse and predict consumer behaviour and preferences quickly and easily.
  • Evaluate sales across regions in real-time allowing organisations insight into where to move products.
  • Provide new and exciting opportunities to elevate the brand.
  • Reduce costs and drive sales.

Some of our retail clients

The 30-minute session is taking place at 1pm on Monday 23 September – to sign up visit the SAP events page.

Bridge for Retail

Bridge for Retail by Keytree provides a comprehensive subscription based cloud solution which reduces back office costs, increases efficiency and profitability, enhances revenue and offers a seamless customer experience. We have created an integrated solution using the latest SAP products, simplified and configured for the needs of any organisation selling directly to consumers. SAP components used include S/4HANA, C/4HANA, SuccessFactors and IP developed by Keytree on the SAP Cloud Platform. As the solution is entirely cloud-based, hardware, infrastructure, hosting, software versions and upgrades are no longer a stumbling block.

Key retail requirements delivered by Bridge for Retail:

  • In-store interactions unified with e-commerce
  • End-to-end retail for walk-in consumers can be turned on if and where required
  • Our logistics processes make shop and warehouse stock accessible to 3rd party business partners to sell
  • Real-time stock visibility
  • Our IP was built specifically to drive sales, improve efficiency and provide unparalleled customer experience

Keytree developed retail template

Keytree has developed its own SAP S/4HANA 1809 Private Cloud and retail industry template based on SAP best practices – plus we have a model company for demos and POCs called Sunshine. We have created a retail solution covering core retail functionality (products, listing, allocations, merchandising distribution and POS integration).

This is the basis of the S/4HANA solution that Keytree delivered at Ireland’s leading petrol forecourt retailer, who are growing significantly in the United Kingdom and the USA. The current solution has a broad functional scope (finance, sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, quality, maintenance and retail functionality) as well as deploying a number of the latest SAP innovations. Keytree is constantly evolving this template through a series of quarterly releases.