Keytree Cloud Services

Keytree builds, designs and operates cloud solutions deployed on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and SAP Cloud Platform. We continually develop our skills and software to offer a full range of services for customers contemplating a shift to the cloud. From building the business case to migration or deployment, through to support and management – Keytree offers a full cloud service built around our experts and our enterprise-class automation and self-service products.

We are partners and experts in Amazon Web Services, Azure and SAP Cloud Platform with almost 50 customer deployments and over 100 production systems spanning Enterprise SAP, custom applications, mobile apps, IoT, analytics and front-end hosting.

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Our Services

Keytree Cloud migrate


We migrate workloads to a fully managed cloud platform based on enterprise-class architecture, automation and operations – securely and without fuss.

Keytree Cloud extend


We extend the capacity, capability or functionality of on-premise applications or processes through the use of cloud infrastructure and services.

Keytree Cloud solutions


We build cloud native solutions that leverage the best cloud innovations available to deliver real business outcomes.

Keytree Cloud DevOps


We have developed software to automate the delivery and management of applications deployed on cloud – including service-self management by customers.

What we do


  • Migrate SAP to the cloud – Keytree can move all your non-production and production systems to the cloud
  • Build and deploy SAP – Keytree has industry recognised strategies for deploying SAP on cloud platforms
  • Prototype new systems – Experience the benefits of new systems such as S/4HANA, BW/HANA or SAP Hybris at the lowest cost and risk possible
  • Extend on-premise systems – Extend the non-functional capability of your on-premise systems with cloud DR or training

Latest Technologies

  • Serverless Computing – build true ‘pay per use’ applications with a serverless computing architecture
  • Internet of Things – connect everything to collect, analyse and better inform business and operational decisions in real-time
  • Analytics – solutions to examine vast and varied data sets and uncover patterns, correlations, trends and other beneficial information to help your organisation

Managed Service, Tooling & Consultancy

  • Keytree will fully manage your systems
  • Keytree developed tooling will automate the provisioning, management and running of your systems
  • Keytree consultants can assist with planning, implementing or optimising your cloud ambitions

Other Applications

  • Keytree build custom applications for all requirements
  • Keytree can migrate existing on-premise apps to the cloud based on low-cost enterprise class ‘as a service’ platforms
  • Keytree build mobile solutions – including front and backend components


Automate everything

  • Keytree cloud tooling for the automation of provisioning and management
  • Use application specific backup techniques fully integrated into cloud technologies
  • Automate key tasks such as patching to ensure compliance requirements

Optimise everything

  • Optimise cost through dynamic scaling, scheduled availability, thin provisioning and scale over time systems management
  • Simplification of application lifecycle management processes
  • Automated detection and resolution of error states baked into support services

Secure everything

  • Secure access to cloud resources using 2FA access audited security assignment
  • Full audibility of managed and application/data access to cloud assets
  • Full use of enterprise class encryption to protect all data in transit and at rest

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