Keytree has already implemented a series of successful projects at Greggs.

The two companies have confirmed the next step of its business transformation is now ready to go.

As the year moves into its last couple of months, retailers start to rub their hands in anticipation of the festive season – hoping that Father Christmas will give them the perfect present – sales that exceed expectations.

Dominic Maher

Dominic Maher

Team Member

Keytree is also entering into the holiday spirit as we are officially helping Greggs to deliver on the first phase of the company’s major business transformation programme, aimed at improving the company’s market position.

Selected by the UKs largest bakery chain highlights Keytree’s retail credentials – we will be the SAP Systems Integrator for the first of two phases of the retailer’s business transformation programme. Built on SAP HANA, the projects are part of a multi-year change management programme for the famous ‘food-on-the-go’ retailer.

Keytree already has an existing relationship with Greggs, implementing its Customer Interaction Centre – this is the first significant use of the core SAP technology, allowing the business to handle calls and daily enquiries, more efficiently.

Other deployments also include the successful delivery of cloud-based Learning and Development solutions through SuccessFactors – this will provide almost 20,000 employees at Greggs with easy access to its dedicated training and learning programme.

The transformation programme is set to bring a wide variety of benefits across several areas of Greggs’ business and operations. The new training platform will be available to all employees over the next 18 months and Keytree is also implementing Source to Contract requirements using Ariba solutions, which will see the business manage 4,500 suppliers across its operations – once the project goes live in 2016.

The focus of the project team is to shift business systems from multiple legacy systems to a more simplified, centralised operation. The work is part of our longer term IT investment programme with Greggs and we’re looking forward to seeing the results of our delivery for a company that has the right cultural fit to achieve our goals as systems integrators, through such a strategic technology implementation.

During the next phase of the business transformation project for Greggs, we will be using SAP HANA to configure their core finance, procurement and portfolio and project management solutions.

Greggs has been selling its goods since it opened its first bakery in 1951 and today has almost 1,700 outlets across the UK. Keytree is looking forward to 2016, which is set to be an exciting year for us in retail – so watch this space.

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