Over 100 clients and partners joined Keytree staff to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Keytree at Chandos House in central London – a splendid evening was had by all and it was a fitting way to mark the milestone.

For Keytree, it all started ten years ago when three close friends decided they had what was needed to start a consultancy – focusing on building and implementing high quality, enterprise software.

After discussing some names, one of which was already in use and another lasting less than 24 hours, the three founders decided upon Keytree. A decade later, they now employ more than 200 staff with offices in London, Madrid and Sydney.

When Dan McNamara CEO, Tim Kyle, Managing Director and Anthony Aughterson, Director of SAP Consulting sat down in the Chandos pub in Covent Garden to discuss the company name, little did they think that they a decade later they would be celebrating their extraordinary journey in Chandos House.

Dominic Maher

Dominic Maher


Keytree 10th anniversary party

Start as you mean to go on

The first Keytree project was with News International, helping the organisation streamline purchasing, editorial payments and casual staff payroll through the creation of a web based transactions and approvals system.  The successful project became an SAP global case study and two years later Keytree became a full SAP Partner.  A testament to its modern and robust design, the solution continues to run today.

In 2010 the UX Practice was formed, the following year we started our Cloud Practice and revenues hit £4m – it wasn’t long before the plaudits began to arrive.

Keytree the “Cool Vendor” & awards

The awards started with JD Wetherspoon winning Gold at the SAP Quality Awards for our greenfield SAP implementation and the same award for work with ARM, creating an intuitive online portal. Recognition in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 three years running, named by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” and by 2014, turnover increased to £17.5m, with revenue for FY2016 forecast at £23m.

As Jaguar Land Rover continues to grow, our global CRM programme has risen in significance and priority as a key enabler for the connected future of our customers and operations. Our vision is to create a bespoke experience that our customers love for life. We are doing this by combining people, process and technology into a formidable package serving the next generation of customer experience.

Brad Young - General Manager, Global CRM (MR2) at Jaguar Land Rover

In this roadmap, it is imperative that we work with partners that can bring agility, innovation and smart design to the table. Keytree has proven to be a key partner in all three areas. Since the outset of the CRM programme Keytree have helped to provide an agile and responsive technology strategy with their cloud hosting solutions and friendly support team. Without their help, we would certainly be years behind with our old infrastructure.

Brad Young – General Manager, Global CRM (MR2) at Jaguar Land Rover

Giving the customer what they want

Dan firmly believes that by offering inventive solutions and pushing the envelope, Keytree will continue to grow – meeting the needs of current and new clients. He said: “10 years ago we saw the opportunities to help our customers be innovative in the fields of customer experience, user experience, business intelligence and business networks and we continue to focus on this. But the landscape has changed for our industry, and we will be looking at delivering more of our own IP as well as working with advanced technology from the chipset up including IoT and AR/VR through to machine learning and natural language interfaces. I’m very proud of the team we have built, and the core of our success is still smart people who want to do the right thing”.

By listening intently to its clients, Keytree creates what they are asking for and most importantly, ensure delivery meets all expectations and timelines. This customer centric approach is at the heart of why Keytree have had no failed projects during an impressive ten-year lifetime.

Innovation at Keytree

In 2014, Keytree launched Matrix Booking – a mobile or web-based room booking software and within one year, it was the winner of the i-FM Award for Commercial Services. We also pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of technology, and Keytree Labs leads the way by entering – and winning – Demo Jams including the SAP TechEd DemoJam in 2013, the SAP InnoJam/DemoJam in 2014 and more recently, the Master Card ‘Masters of Code’ London Hackathon in 2015.

Keytree 10th anniversary party