As part of Keytree’s commitment to its founding values,

we have joined forces with more than 1,600 UK businesses by becoming a voluntary Living Wage Employer. This accreditation ensures Keytree employees receive a wage that is suitable for living in London.

Dominic Maher

Dominic Maher

Team Member

What is a Living Wage?

The National Minimum Wage increased from £6.50 to £6.70 per hour for those aged 21 and over but the UK Living Wage is £7.85, or £9.15 per hour if living in London, as prescribed by the Living Wage Foundation – and is for all employees over the age of 18. All Living Wage Employers will also pay any hourly rate increase, calculated on an annual basis.

The difference in salary can make an enormous impact on low incomes families. According to Professor Jane Wills from Queen Mary University of London “Over 10,000 families have been lifted out of food poverty as a direct result of the Living Wage”.

The Living Wage Foundation

Citizens UK, the community-focused charity, launched the campaign in 2001 and has subsequently seen tens of thousands of workers paid an extra £200m in additional wages.

The Living Wage accreditation mark, used by all members, is available to all – the process is simple and open to companies already paying the living wage, or those committed to an agreed timetable of implementation.

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