As an international award-winning design and technology consultancy and product developer, innovation and SAP Cloud Platform are at the very heart of our business. We are established world leaders in SAP Cloud Platform, handling cutting edge implementation projects where SAP Cloud Platform is pivotal. We are current holders of the SAP EMEA Award for Partner Excellence for SAP HANA Cloud Platform and our CEO Dan McNamara sits on the SAP Partner Advisory Council for Innovation – Cloud Platform.

Keytree has been at the forefront of SAP innovation for over a decade working with our customers to drive financial value out of the latest technologies by creating truly engaging experiences for users. SAP Cloud Platform is key to our work – deployed to help our clients get quick and tangible value from SAP Cloud Platform today, whilst enabling a digital platform for the future. As Keytree CTO Mark Williment said in his recent blog: “SAP Cloud Platform provides tools and an environment to innovate and develop new ideas, along with built-in methods for security and compliance and crucially, while it connects to core business systems, it also insulates them.”

Mark Williment

Chief Technology Officer

“I am extremely pleased to recognise and congratulate Keytree as the recipient of the EMEA Partner Excellence Award 2017 for SAP Cloud Platform. Keytree demonstrates the values, commitment and amazing work that allows them to continuously deliver at the highest level.”

Rodolpho Cardenuto – President, Global Channels & General Business at SAP

Keytree & SAP Cloud Platform

In 2018 Keytree delivered for pladis Global, one of the very first SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementations and SAP Cloud Platform was at the heart of the project. We were one of the very first to build an app using SAP Cloud Platform – the award-winning workplace management tool Matrix Booking and recently built the digital sales tool KIT (Keytree In-Store Technology) on SAP Cloud Platform, which is operational in retail stores around the world.

Our innovative and transformational work using SAP Cloud Platform with a broad range of clients led to Keytree being presented with the SAP EMEA Award for Partner Excellence 2017 for SAP HANA Cloud Platform. On presenting that award Rodolpho Cardenuto, President, Global Channels & General Business at SAP said: “I am extremely pleased to recognise and congratulate Keytree as the recipient of the SAP EMEA Partner Excellence Award 2017 for SAP Cloud Platform. Keytree demonstrates the values, commitment and amazing work that allows them to continuously deliver at the highest level.”

  • We are one of the first in the world to put a product live on SAP Cloud Platform. We built Matrix Booking on SAP Cloud Platform, and rely on it daily for our products
  • Successful SAP Cloud Platform adoption is not just about the deployment of the platform – it’s a digital solution that facilitates the delivery of portals, and the enablement of Enterprise Digital and Keytree is a market leader in the provision of Portals and Enterprise Digital
  • Our unique strengths in the areas of research, design, integration and platform deployment place us at the forefront of SAP Cloud Platform adoption
  • We have a dual focus on consulting skills and technical ability
  • We are an agile company that will respond quickly and flexibly to your SAP Cloud Platform requirements
  • We possess a suite of tested tools and DevOps processes to support efficient SAP Cloud Platform development

Supporting BP’s cloud strategy

BP developed, with its partners, a series of mobile apps that enable staff to complete tasks and operations efficiently – developed on the on-premise SAP Mobile Platform. As BP shifts to more flexible cloud-based platforms, it chose SAP Cloud Platform as the PaaS for the new era of apps, and Keytree was instrumental in helping BP to switch over 25 apps to SAP Cloud Platform. To enable rapid delivery of the migration, the project followed a “no change” mantra. Given its scale, BP has a complex internal system landscape with many different versions of backend systems and several different ‘sign on’ mechanisms; therefore, Keytree built a ‘pattern’ approach to enable the apps to be grouped and migrated efficiently.

Keytree deployed ‘technical proving’ (for each app); a series of tests to check ‘sign on’ from the cloud through to all the backend systems – this approach allowed Keytree to ‘prove’ it functioned as required. Only a few minor changes were made to the apps, with no impact on the end user, and the move to the cloud fits perfectly into BP’s IT cloud strategy with Keytree providing the essential skills required to support BP’s journey.

“Working with the Keytree team, and drawing on their expertise in SAP Cloud technology, proved invaluable as we moved away from on-premise applications. The Keytree Delivery Methodology enabled BP to migrate a selection of apps to SAP Cloud Platform quickly and efficiently.”

Ed Alford – Vice President of Enterprise Systems at BP

Jaguar Land Rover

SAP Cloud Platform allows Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to provide individual and corporate customers with the opportunity to undertake exhilarating experiences in their vehicles to showcase their unique capabilities. This online journey aims to guarantee customers get an online experience that befits the JLR brand.

Before working with Keytree, JLR Experience had a minimal online presence. Customers would need to call the experience centres to enquire about the types of experiences available before discussing availability and price. In turn, this meant staff spent a lot of time on the phone – neglecting visitors to the centre and also promoting a very reactive environment. SAP Cloud Platform gives JLR Experience a powerful branded marketing tool, which gives customers a much more visual flavour of the Experience Day and provides them with all the information they need to tailor the day to their requirements. For the first time, booking a JLR Experience can now be completed via the JLR website.

The digital transformation of pladis Global

Keytree used SAP Cloud Platform to deliver enhanced warehouse management at pladis Global – part of a business transformation programme that was aligned with a strategic decision made by pladis to drive a new consumer-centric operating model. The biscuit, chocolate and confectionery company was on a journey that would streamline operations, and enable profitable growth by implementing a new digital technology platform.

Keytree was selected as the SAP partner of choice to handle the implementation and rollout of S/4HANA. Following an “extend not customise” implementation philosophy for Cloud ERP, Keytree built a new improved mobile app using the SAP Cloud Platform for app backend services, which is now used on specialist ruggedised devices suitable for the warehouse. The new warehouse management app provides full bin-level stock management function, scanning, printing and reporting – all delivered in less than ten weeks.

“Keytree were very good at finding innovative solutions to challenges such as missing functionality and what I loved most about the Keytree team was their can-do attitude and the wealth of experience they brought to the project.”

Anthoula Madden – Chief Digital Officer at pladis Global