SAPPHIRE Orlando 2012

By June 6, 2012Blog

In May 2012 a team from Keytree travelled to Sapphire in Orlando to present CEO Vision, the award winning interactive dashboard.

As the winners of the Global HANA Innojam competition Will Powell and Nic Doodson were invited to present CEO Vision at Sapphire and partake in the three day mega-conference at the Orange County Convention centre in Florida.

Nic Doodson

Head of Operations

The Keytree team presented CEO Vision at the SAP HANA innovation stand and were able to show the augmented reality solution to many SAP staff, customers and partners. In addition to demonstrating CEO Vision Will and Nic attended the keynote addresses and were pleased to be mentioned in Vishal Sikka’s event closing address (More on which later).

The three main keynotes were made by Bill McDermott (co-CEO of SAP), Jim Hagemann Snabe (co-CEO of SAP), and a co-presentation by Hasso Plattner (co-founder SAP) and Vishal Sikka (SAP CTO).

Bill McDermott’s address was presented in the format of a round table talk with business leaders from ACE Hardware, Coinstar and Burberry. The talk did not focus much on SAP technology but more on the business challenges that enterprises face today. Along with anecdotes and success stories the group focused on how mobility, consumerization and simplicity have impacted their business. For more on the session, go here:

Day two keynote speaker was SAP Co-CEO, Jim Hagemann Snabe. His presentation explained that SAP was changing the face of how businesses today can operate and succeed. The three pronged offering from SAP includes mobile, cloud, and in-memory technology. Jim explained that within the next five to ten years almost all business will operate using mobile and cloud technology in order to be competitive in the global economy and SAP was perfectly placed to help customers achieve this operating model.

Finally, on day three Hasso Plattner and Vishal Sikka’s co-keynote was focused almost entirely on the progress of SAP HANA both technologically and within the market place. Along with highlighting success stories of HANA implementation Vishal also talked about innovative uses of HANA and specifically mentioned Keytree…

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